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Papillon Grooming for Your Papillons Pet’s Health

Compared to some dog breeds, Papillons require very little in the way of grooming. Papillon grooming is simplified into three easy steps: brushing, washing, and health maintenance.

Papillons have a very long single-layered coat and are an average shedder; brushing at least two or three times a week is encouraged. This timely routine collects the old, dead hair from the Papillon’s coat thereby reducing the amount of hair shed around the home.

And while dry grooming Papillons is sufficient the majority of time, occasionally there will be a noticeable smell coming from his or her coat, signifying the need of a bath.

Papillon bathing is simple and begins with purchasing shampoo and conditioner. Many pet-specific brands are available and any will work; the local pet store may be able to provide a recommendation that is more beneficial to the long, silky-soft Papillon coat.

With shampoo and conditioner in reach, fill up a sink or bathtub with water and first shampoo then condition the soaking Papillon. Be sure to work the conditioner through the coat, down to the skin to ensure proper moisturizing.

After the bath, owners can choose to towel, air, or blow dry their Papillon. Performing this process every week or two is encouraged since it promotes Papillon health (and makes them smell nice!).

Washing and bathing are not the only two Papillon grooming techniques that contribute to Papillon health.

The remainder of Papillon health maintenance that should coincide with the aforementioned grooming stages, includes: regular vet checkups, clipping the Papillon’s nails, trimming his or her coat (if desired), and teeth cleaning.

Wide varieties of hair and nail clippers (both electric and manual, simple and professional) for small dogs are available and can be chosen based on personal preference.

Papillon coats can be trimmed as often as their owner deems necessary, either with scissors or clippers of their choice.

Papillon nails should be trimmed when they can be heard “clicking” on hardwood or tiled floors (usually every 2-3 weeks). This is part of maintaining Papillon health, since untrimmed nails can eventually grow into the Papillon’s pads.

About Papillon nail trimming: a Papillon’s nails should be trimmed close to the quick but never past it, since cutting into the quick can cause infection. A professional groomer or local veterinarian can perform this procedure if the owner opts not to.

Papillon dogs seem to acquire a tartar buildup more frequently and to a higher degree than some other dog breeds. Giving them chewing sticks not only makes them happy, but assists in tartar control.

Teeth cleaning is part of maintaining Papillon health and if tartar buildup ever becomes too advanced, it may need to be removed by a Veterinarian.

One final note about Papillon health: the most common health problem that Papillon owners face is kneecap dislocation.

If owners actively groom their Papillon pets on a regular basis, a dislocated kneecap will be noticed and can be addressed. This is one example of the benefits of grooming.

By performing Papillon grooming, owners are in close contact with their dog and can monitor for any additional health issues such as: skin, eye, and ear infections and mite, tick or flea problems.

If any of the aforementioned health issue arises, it is advisable to make an appointment with a veterinarian as soon as possible. The sooner a health problem is addressed, the less damage it is likely to do.

If a Papillon-loving owner is unwilling or unable to partake in the three Papillon grooming steps explained in this article, they should know that all of these grooming tasks can be performed by a trusted, professional groomer.

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