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Papillon Breeders - The Road To Becoming A Reputable Papillon Breeder

As a lover of the Papillon dog, you may have considered becoming a Papillon breeder. This is a challenging but rewarding undertaking.

This guide will help you discover if becoming a Papillon dog breeder is the right choice for you. To begin, consider if you meet the fundamental requirements.

The primary prerequisite for aspiring Papillon breeders is to have a love for the Papillon breed. The secondary requirement is to be the owner of at least one – but preferably two – Papillon dog.

Two dogs are preferable for Papillon breeders since everything can be accomplished “in-house” thereby simplifying the entire process.

Anyone who wants to become Papillon dog breeders should also have the time (think “full time job”) and patience to handle an energetic pair of adult Papillons in addition to their puppies.

This would be a good time to recall how much attention and affection this Papillon breed demands.

And finally, those who are truly serious about becoming Papillon dog breeders need to honestly answer a set of important questions. The following questions provide additional insight into the complexities and necessities of becoming a Papillon breeder.

Do you own a female (bitch) and male (sire)? If one or the other, do you have a pre-arranged agreement with another Papillon breeder? Do you have homes for the future puppies already, or do you plan to keep them?

In either scenario, do you have a place to house them? Do you have the finances to pay for vet bills, vaccinations, food, etc.? If you feel comfortable with your answers and still have an interest in becoming a Papillon dog breeder, then read on!

Once you have your mature Papillon dogs and/or are in connection with other Papillon breeders, then it is time to start the breeding process.

Every Papillon breeder is familiar with the breeding process which begins with insemination and ends with the birth of puppies. In short, the entire Papillon breeding process is the following.

First, the female (bitch) will go into heat which lasts about 3 weeks. At around the 9-12 day mark she will be fertile and receptive to the male (sire).

This is when Papillon dog breeders will place the two together. During this time, the male dog will mount the female and the two will become “tied” for about 15-30 minutes as the insemination process finalizes. About two months later, 2-3 Papillon puppies will arrive.

While not completely necessary, it can be advantageous to hire an experienced Papillon dog breeder if you are not already working with one.

This should be seriously considered if this is your first breeding experience, as it can reduce stress and simplify the breeding experience.

A Papillon dog breeder will handle the male Papillon during the actual breeding process. This is particularly beneficial if the sire is a virgin since the Papillon dog breeder can help guide the dog if necessary.

This act will increase the odds of success for the insemination, and it will ensure the safety of both animals.

After the breeding is deemed successful, it is time to find homes for the puppies if this has not been done already. Placing an ad in the newspaper is an easy way to advertise the Papillon puppies.

Or, if you prefer to keep the puppies, it is now time to prepare for their arrival.

Having read this guide you should be more confident about your choice, be it joining the league of Papillon breeders or not.

Aspiring Papillon breeders who have chosen to opt for the former choice and follow this guide can become practicing Papillon breeders and enjoy raising, selling, or gifting their Papillon puppies.

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