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Papillon Puppies – All About Giving The Needs That Your Papillon Puppies Deserve

It is extremely important to maintain the health of your Papillon puppy, as this will help ensure that he or she grows into a just-as-healthy adult.

Papillon pups need a few key ingredients to complete this transformation: proper diet and exercise, grooming, training, and lots of love and affection.

For helping promote the latter (affection), this article begins with some reminders as to why Papillon puppies make such loving Papillon pets!

Before purchasing your puppy you undoubtedly researched and learned that the adorable Papillon puppy is bred from the Spaniel line of toy-sized dogs. With a “butterfly” face and long, curved, plumed tail, what is not to love?

Add their large ears and long, soft, silky coat and it is no wonder that a Papillon pet is a great choice.

If you visited a breeder and met the dam and sire before purchasing your Papillon puppy, you would have then discovered that in addition to the adorable exterior package, you get a great interior package, too; all of the cuteness is paired with a playful, active, loving, doting, devoted, intelligent personality.

Papillon puppies may be small, but this combination makes one huge package.

Unfortunately most Papillon puppies aren’t immediately available; the dam’s pregnancy lasts about two months and once the Papillon’s pups are born, it was probably another 6-8 weeks of waiting. But finally your Papillon puppy was ready to come home.

And now here you are, possibly wondering how to help your new Papillon pet grow from a happy, healthy Papillon puppy into a happy, healthy Papillon dog. It all starts with food and exercise.

Begin with visiting your preferred local pet store to obtain a puppy chow. The breeders you purchased your Papillon puppy from and knowledgeable pet store employees will be able to provide a good recommendation.

It is important that a healthy dog food be the basis of your Papillon pup’s diet. Equally important is refraining from feeding table scraps (human food) to your Papillon pet, as this can be detrimental to their health.

Papillon puppies need lots of exercise. Because of their extremely active nature, it is advisable to play games and take walks on a daily basis.

Providing such activities will promote health and happiness whereas denying these energy outlets will stress and frustrate your Papillon puppy.

In between all of the feeding and play time, remember to introduce the necessary health benefit of grooming.

It is best to begin grooming Papillon puppies at the Papillon puppy stage for two reasons: so that they become accustomed to it and so you can monitor for any potential health issues.

Right now this is relatively easy since your Papillon puppy has a smooth, short coat that is easy to maintain with a daily brushing and occasional washing.

In the next year or two when Papillon puppy’s coat grows long, you can choose to continue grooming your Papillon pet yourself, or have a professional groomer do it. For detailed grooming instructions and associated health benefits, please reference this article.

Similar to children, Papillon puppies require discipline. Thankfully this can be achieved through training. Housebreaking, leash training, training for verbal commands, and behavior training are all effective ways to help your Papillon puppy achieve behavioral balance and, as a result, happiness.

To learn more about training Papillon pups, read this guide.

Also similar to children, Papillon puppies also require love. Since this devoted, enthusiastic, loyal, toy-sized Papillon pet is so extremely affectionate, showering love and attention will not be difficult.

Just remember that part of the love and affection is in the form of discipline through training.

Papillon pups, with the proper care, can be companions for over a dozen years. This is incentive for any owner who wants to do all they can to ensure the health, happiness and longevity of their Papillon pet.

By continuing to provide a good diet, plenty of exercise, regular grooming, and necessary training, you will accomplish exactly that.

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